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Apposite's Linktropy and Netropy WAN emulators simulate bandwidth, latency, jitter, loss, congestion, and other important network impairments to test the performance of applications under a spectrum of real-world conditions.

If you're not sure which product is best suited for your requirements, give us a call or send us an email and we'll be happy to recommend the most appropriate, cost-effective product and model for your testing needs.

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Linktropy Stack

Linktropy WAN Emulators

Linktropy WAN emulators simulate a single link through each pair of interfaces, offering the simplest configuration possible. If you need to emulate a single set of conditions between two networks, Linktropy is the product for you.

Linktropy Models
Linktropy Mini2: Basic, low cost emulator up to 100 Mbps in a portable form factor
Linktropy Mini-G: Basic, low cost emulator up to 1 Gbps in a portable form factor
Linktropy 5510: Lab-quality emulator simulating a single WAN link up to 1 Gbps
Linktropy 8510: Lab-quality emulator simulating four separate gigabit speed WAN links through four pairs of GigE ports


Netropy Advanced Network Emulators

Netropy Stack

Netropy advanced network emulators simulate up to 15 separate WAN links, each with their own bandwidth, delay, and loss characteristics, through each pair of physical ports. Packets can be assigned to individual links by IP address range, VLAN, or any other packet specifier.

Netropy also offers advanced emulation and administrative capabilities for complex requirements or multi-user environments.

The Netropy N61 model emulates links up to 1 Gbps while the N91 provides 4 x 1G capabilities at full line rate. The Netropy 10G1 simulates links up to 10 Gbps in an affordable, 1U system. The 10G2 doubles the capacity to simulate two separate 10 Gbps links through two pairs of SFP+ ports. The Netropy 40G emulates links up to 40 Gbps. All models are available at a variety of maximum emulation speeds for users who do not need the full capacity of the device.

To model complex network topologies, run multiple concurrent tests, or emulate links of greater than 1 Gbps, select the Netropy network emulator.

Netropy Models
Netropy N61: Emulate complex networks up to 1 Gbps (1 pair GigE ports)
Netropy N91: Four separate 1 Gbps emulation engines (4 pairs of GigE ports)
Netropy 10G1: Emulate complex networks up to 10 Gbps (1 pair 10GbE ports)
Netropy 10G2: Two separate 10 Gbps emulation engines (2 pairs of 10GbE ports)
Netropy 40G: World's first 40 Gbps WAN emulator (1 pair 40GbE ports)

Features Linktropy
Mini2 & Mini-G
5510 / 8510
N61 / N91 / 10G1 / 10G2 / 40G
Max. emulation rate Mini2: 100 Mbps
Mini-G: 1 Gbps
5510: 1 Gbps
8510: 1 Gbps
N61: 1 Gbps
N91: 1 Gbps
10G1: 10 Gbps
10G2: 10 Gbps
40G: 40 Gbps
Emulated WAN links
(per port pair)
1 1 15
Emulation ports Mini2: 2 10/100 FE
Mini-G: 2 GigE
5510: 2 GigE (RJ45 or SFP)
8510: 8 GigE (RJ45 or SFP)
N61: 2 GigE (RJ45 or SFP)
N91: 8 GigE (RJ45 or SFP)
10G1: 2 10GbE (SFP+ or RJ45)
10G2: 4 10GbE (SFP+)
40G: 2 40GbE (QSFP)
Max. packet rate
with 64 byte packets
(packets per second)
Mini2: 80,000
Mini-G: 350,000
5510: 3 million
8510: 12 million
N61: 3 million
N91: 12 million
10G1: 29 million
10G2: 60 million
40G: 32 million
Test lab level precision x checkmark checkmark
Link Impairments
Packet filtering
Source and dest. IP address
Src. and dest. IPv6 address
VLAN ID and PCP value
TCP/UDP port numbers
MAC address
MPLS label
Any arbitrary packet field
Bandwidth emulation 300 bps to 1 Gbps
(depending on model)
300 bps to 1 Gbps
(depending on license)
100 bps to 40 Gbps
(depending on model and license)
Latency & jitter 0 ms – 10,000 ms
Constant, uniform, normal distributions
0 ms – 10,000 ms
Constant, uniform, normal, exponential, accumulate & burst
Packet Reordering x checkmark checkmark
Packet Duplication x checkmark checkmark
Live condition capture and replay x checkmark checkmark
Background traffic x Random Random, PCAP replay
Packet Loss Models Random, BER Random, BER Random, Periodic, Burst, BER, Gilbert-Elliott
Data Corruption x x checkmark
Queue Management Tail drop Tail drop Tail drop, RED
ToS Prioritization x x FIFO, Strict Priority, Round Robin
Access link rate control Out-bound Out-bound In-bound and out-bound
MTU and Fragmentation x x checkmark
Installation and Operation
Form Factor portable 6" x 6" 5510: 1U
8510: 1U
N61: 1U
N91: 1U
10G1: 1U
10G2: 2U
40G: 1U
Install as bridge checkmark checkmark checkmark
Install as router checkmark checkmark checkmark
Jumbo frame support Mini-G only checkmark checkmark
Statistics download x 24 hours 24 hours
Full CLI x checkmark checkmark
Secure administration x checkmark checkmark
Self-monitoring indicators and logs x x checkmark
Graph time previous 10 minutes previous 10 minutes 24 hours reviewable with pan and zoom controls
Graph statistics throughput throughput any statistic
Multiple users with configuration locking x x checkmark
DHCP, DNS, NTP configuration x x checkmark
LDAP user authentication x x checkmark