The Apposite Support Center is your one place to find all of the technical information that you need for the Linktropy and Netropy WAN emulation products.

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Purchase of all Linktropy and Netropy products include one year of maintenance, including customer support and firmware upgrades. Extended maintenance contracts are also available from Apposite or your local reseller.

Click here to register your Linktropy or Netropy unit.

Firmware Upgrades

Firmware upgrades and other support resources for registered users under a current maintenance contract (password required):

Linktropy 4500, 5500, 5510, 7500, 7500 PRO, 8500, 8510 or 10G
Linktropy Mini, Mini2 or Mini-G
Netropy N60, N61, N80, N90, N91, 10G, 10G1, 10G2 or 40G

Netropy and Linktropy Recorder

The Netropy Recorder and Linktropy Recorder utilities for Windows capture the latency and loss of a live network link up to 10x per second. The resulting file can then be imported into a Netropy or Linktropy WAN emulator to reproduce the exact conditions encountered on the actual network as they change second-by-second. Click below to download the Linktropy Recorder or Netropy Recorder utility. (Note: Replay feature not available on the Linktropy Mini/Mini2.)

Netropy Recorder for Windows
Netropy Recorder for Fedora
Netropy Recorder for Ubuntu and Debian
Linktropy Recorder for Windows
Linktropy Recorder for Fedora
Linktropy Recorder for Ubuntu and Debian
Apposite Recorder for Android

Demo & Tutorial Videos

Linktropy demonstration
Linktropy tutorial
Netropy demonstration
Selecting the Best Linktropy or Netropy Model

Visio Stencils

Apposite certified Visio stencils for all Linktropy and Netropy models are available free of charge from NetZoom. They can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

Contact Support

For any problems or questions with your unit, please contact Apposite Support at:

tel: 1.310.477.9955 ext 2

Prior to contacting support, please ensure that your unit is registered and updated to the latest firmware, and include the serial number of your unit with your inquiry.