Keep Your Application Performance Promise

White Paper: How to model real network conditions to identify critical issues impacting application performance

Apposite Network Emulators Simulate:

Bandwidth Constraints

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Simplify Complex Testing and Get Accurate Performance Results in as Few as 15 Minutes

Network engineers all over the world rely on Apposite’s WAN emulation tools to benchmark challenging scenarios and reduce application testing costs. With an industry-leading, easy-to-use GUI and live network simulations that produce highly accurate results, it’s never been easier or more affordable to keep your performance promise. 

What Is WAN Emulation?

WAN emulation is a method of testing application performance using a device to create local, virtual networks that replicate real-world client/server connections. By applying impairments to these packet streams, testers can validate application performance and end-user experience before going live.

How Do We Integrate?

Apposite network emulators come as both physical appliances and virtual editions.  Low cost, physical appliances start at 100 Mbps link speeds, and advanced models scale all the way to 100 Gbps.  Virtual editions work on the leading hypervisors VMware vSphere and KVM, and are coming soon on cloud platforms, AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Simply connect clients on one side and application servers to the other. Apposite brings real-world network conditions to the lab or cloud.

Over 2,500 of the World’s Leading Enterprises, Service Providers, Technology Vendors, and Government Agencies Rely on Apposite