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Simplified Solutions for Network Performance Testing: Network Emulation & Traffic Generation

Maximize Performance with a Modern, Powerful, and Easy-to-Use Test Solution

Network Performance Testing Tools: Innovate with Confidence

Our mission is to provide affordable, dynamic network application performance testing solutions that foster innovation and bring technology closer to perfection. Our network performance test tools leverage modern interfaces and streamlined configuration processes to minimize the time required to deploy complex performance tests. 

With our traffic generation and network emulation solutions you can roll out new technology faster, more reliably, and with the best user experience possible.

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Simplify Application Performance Testing and Get Accurate Results in as Little as 15 Minutes

Network engineers all over the world rely on Apposite’s network emulation and traffic generation tools to benchmark challenging scenarios and reduce costs associated with network and application performance testing. With an industry-leading, easy-to-use GUI and functionality that produces highly accurate results, it’s never been easier or more affordable to keep your performance promise.

Network Emulation vs. Traffic Generation

Apposite Technologies has all the products to ensure you get the benefits you need for your business.

What is Network Emulation?

Network emulation is a method of application performance testing that uses a device to create local, virtual networks that replicate real-world client/server connections. By applying impairments to these packet streams, testers can validate application performance and end-user experience before going live.

What is Traffic Generation?

Traffic generation is the process of injecting traffic, packets or data flows into a network in order to test the performance and capacity of devices, protocols and network topologies. A traffic generator sends test packets containing unique identifiers so they can be tracked throughout the network.

Why Leading Companies Choose Our Solutions

Modern Design

Advanced application testing with intuitive, modern interfaces for ease of use

Scalable Infrastructure

Powerful network performance testing software designed to scale to fit the scope of your project

Affordable Solutions

All the functionality you need from network traffic generation and performance tests without breaking the bank

Netropy Network Traffic Generation – Modern Test Suite

The Netropy Traffic Generation appliance from Apposite allows you to feed a high scale of realistic application traffic and malicious attacks onto your network. to optimize the performance and security of your network and network devices.  With an intuitive, wizard-driven test methodology and browser-based user interface the Netropy traffic generation tool makes it easy to choose the specific traffic you would like to test against in real-time. Our system comes complete with an extensive library of predefined application flows, along with the ability to create custom streams of traffic at tremendous scale.

By controlling the packets and payloads being sent, our network traffic generator gives you valuable insight into how your device will perform under real-world conditions. Replicate the application traffic on your production network and generate realistic scenarios to test, troubleshoot and optimize a wide range of devices and network infrastructure. In addition, our traffic generator simulates both clients and servers at the scale of your business to create a complete test environment to determine how well a device or network performs in the areas of throughput, latency, loss, QoS policy adherence and security resilience.

network emulators

The Netropy WAN Emulator Allows You to Test Smarter

The Netropy Wide Area Network (WAN) emulator is the fastest, most reliable way to configure and deploy test networks to validate application performance. Our WAN emulators let you easily mimic the exact conditions found on your production network whether it’s Wi-Fi, satellite, or SD-WAN. 

The Netropy WAN emulator allows you to model an entire enterprise network complete with respective distributed branch offices, users and data centers by simulating WAN links and controlling for impairments such as bandwidth constraints, latency, jitter and packet loss. Testing with the Netropy network emulator ensures that when your project goes live, it will run as smoothly as possible no matter what network it’s on.

Netropy WAN emulators are quick to install, intuitive to configure and easy to operate. The user interface of our network performance testing software provides incredibly swift response times with all the convenience of a standard web browser. Within minutes of booting up your WAN emulator, you’ll be ready to get started with no training needed.

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