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COVID-19 is Changing Business Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every organization large and small, forcing a move to full-time remote work, and a dependence on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), video conferencing, and cloud-based services to do so. To ensure business continuity and worker productivity in these challenging times, it is more important than ever to properly test and understand the breaking points of applications.

Apposite Network Emulators Help You…

Ensure critical business applications still function properly when accessed remotely instead of on-premise.

Cloud Migration Testing

Understand how migrating applications to the cloud will impact performance without the risk of losing data. 

Application Performance Testing Tools for SD-WAN

Test VDI vendors against your specific network scenarios to select the right solution for your business and tune it to your needs.

Know it Works with Proper Testing

By recreating any network topology, Wi-FI, cellular, cable, or cloud at good, bad, or intermittent levels, companies can understand the impact the network will have on application performance and infrastructure.

Use Apposite emulators to test applications in a controlled, repeatable manner to find bottlenecks and breaking points before your customers do and optimize for the best user experience possible.

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Network Simulator

WAN Emulator

Apposite Performance Testing Expertise

Take advantage of Apposite’s vast testing knowledge on projects like cloud migrations, VDI implementations, and application performance analysis.

From product training, to validating your testing plan and sharing industry knowledge, our test experts are dedicated to meeting your needs so you can be confident you are delivering world-class products and services.

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