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Satellite Performance Test Tools

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Improve Performance on 
Satellite Networks
To ensure optimal performance on satellite, each component of the satellite network needs to be tested individually – and the system must also be tested as a whole. Apposite helps you validate the VSATs, modems, ground stations, and all associated devices to ensure that they are working together effectively and delivering reliable performance.

Our network emulators and network traffic generators allow you to quickly and easily benchmark network device performance, validate QoS policies, conduct end to end satellite testing with or without using a live satellite network, and isolate the performance of individual components like satellite modems, TCP proxies, and SD-WAN gateways.

End to End 
Satellite Testing
To test the entire satellite system end-to-end, our traffic generators can emulate the devices sending and receiving signals on either end of the network. The traffic generator sends various combinations of traffic across the network to help measure key performance metrics like throughput, latency, and packet loss by application type.
By saturating the network, you can analyze network and device performance, observe if QoS policies are functioning as expected, and identify any performance bottlenecks.
Testing with a  
Satellite Link Emulator
While testing on live satellite links is sometimes necessary, the cost and complexity can make it challenging. Satellites are continuously moving, and network conditions like latency, packet loss, and bandwidth are constantly changing. Plus buying time to test on live satellite links can be expensive and availability can be limited. Network emulators replicate the conditions of a live satellite link in the test lab. By adding network impairments, these tools can emulate changing atmospheric conditions, ground weather, outages, and more in a controlled and cost-effective environment.

Avoid purchasing expensive satellite time and control your test environment by emulating the satellite network in the lab.


Stress-test devices and applications using the same changing conditions they will encounter on a live satellite network.


Configure traffic streams in minutes to identify and address performance problems of mission-critical systems.

Isolating Satellite 
Modem Performance
In addition to using a traffic generator to create a high scale of application traffic, introducing a network emulator enables you to simulate real-world usage scenarios and assess how devices like satellite modems handle traffic under different network conditions.
Using the network emulator instead of a live link enables you to isolate the performance of the individual device so you can determine how various traffic patterns and network conditions will impact application performance.

Satellite Test Solutions

Satellites present unique and complex challenges. Apposite’s satellite network emulator and network traffic generator appliances help organizations minimize performance degradation, improve quality of experience, and reduce costs associated with satellite testing. Using traffic generators and network emulators, testers can replicate the real-world conditions of a live satellite environment in the test lab so they can mitigate the impact of poor network quality and optimize device performance before they are deployed.

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