Netropy v2.1 Released

Netropy v2.1 is now available with a number of new features that users have requested, including:

  • LDAP Authentication: In addition to usernames and passwords configured locally on the Netropy WAN emulator, an LDAP server can now be used for user authentication.
  • Gilbert-Elliott Loss: v2.1 adds the ability to simulate packet loss using a two-state Gilbert-Elliott loss model.
  • Classification by IP ToS: The Netropy WAN emulator can apply different network impairments to different packets based on IP address, VLAN, MPLS label, MAC address, or application port number. v2.1 adds the capability to apply different conditions to packets with different priority levels based on IP Precedence or DSCP values.
  • The ability to change path names from the CLI.

The new firmware is now available for download from the Netropy support site at:

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