The APP Test Series: Testing Google Talk (Vtok) Mobile Video Chat

Welcome back to The APP Test Series! This time my brother and I check out the performance of Google Talk (otherwise known as VTok) video chat using our mobile phones, separate WiFi connections, and a Linktropy Mini2 WAN Emulator.

Google Talk (Vtok) video chat with a DSL connection in the US
A screenshot of me using Google Talk (Vtok) with a DSL connection in the US.

Google Talk (Vtok) video chat with bad networking conditions
A screenshot of me using Google Talk (Vtok) with impaired network conditions (emulating a conversation between the US and Asia).

First off, my head looks like a pumpkin in my brother’s Samsung Galaxy S3. I’m not sure how, but my beach ball head translates to something almost half the size in my Apple iPhone 4s via Google Talk (Vtok). This means that (1) This is awesome for someone really overweight who would like to appear slimmed down to someone else, and (2) This sucks for whoever they’re talking to because they’re being bamboozled (especially if they’ve never met each other in real life before). There’s also a third possibility that perhaps Google Talk just hates me and doesn’t do this to anyone else.
Check out our Google Talk (Vtok) test in the video below:

Just as in our prior testing, each test we ran consisted of me performing the same series of actions:

    1) Count to five on my left hand.
    2) Switch to my right hand and wiggle my fingers.
    3) Wave to the camera vigorously with my right hand.

As you can see in the first part of the video, there’s a slight delay between me and my alter ego. After more impairments have been applied, emulating a conversation between the US and Asia, the lag and pixelation become even more apparent. Overall, the video quality is better than our prior experience with Skype but Google Talk (Vtok) is probably best used for domestic video chatting only.
For more information, check out our prior entry about chatting via Skype:
Otherwise, stay tuned for our next APP test using the “Tango” video chat application!

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