Trac Report on Network Emulation

We’ve just released a report by TRAC Research on the value of Network Emulation.  The report consists of four short case studies based on interviews with some of our users, and can be downloaded free of charge at:
Trac Research
As far as we’re aware, this is the first ever 3rd party research report on WAN emulation, and the results are interesting for a number of reasons.  It’s no surprise to us, of course, that the customers were uniformly thrilled with the Linktropy and Netropy products. But it is surprising how many different uses customers have found for the products, even within the same company.
The case studies review the experiences of an insurance provider, a large bank, a global investment firm, and a cloud computing infrastructure host.  The insurance company was initially concerned with data center replication, but now uses the emulators to help troubleshoot the many homegrown applications that the company depends on, with a main focus on cost reduction through consolidation. In contrast, the bank, which probably has a very similar infrastructure to the insurance company, primarily uses the emulators for testing end-user experience for employees at local branches, with a focus on eliminating performance bottlenecks.
The cloud computing host was faced with proving to wary clients that applications would be just as responsive when hosted at their datacenters rather than inside the client headquarters. And what they often found was that they were not as responsive as they should have been.  The WAN emulator then became a versatile tool first for the networking team to test performance and fix problems, then for the marketing team to be able to state with certainty what customers should expect from their service, and then for the sales team to be able to demo their service to customers with realistic conditions.
The report only takes a few minutes to read, so please download when you have time.  And if you have a chance, please tell us your story.

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