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The Mini-G

Last week, Apposite announced the Linktropy Mini-G(link), the first gigabit
speed WAN emulator priced at under $6,000.  We built the Mini-G to be a
game-changer, bringing needed application test tools to a broader audience
of users.
The Linktropy Mini-G continues the lineage of the Linktropy Mini and the
Mini2 with a low-cost, portable emulation that simulates basic WAN
bandwidth, latency, and loss conditions.  We originally developed the
portable emulators for Citrix(link), BlueCoat(link), and Riverbed(link),
which needed something their sales engineers could carry with them to
customer sites and trade shows to help demonstrate the benefits of their WAN
The portable emulators have also proven popular among application
developers.  Developers don’t need the features and precision of the
Linktropy lab units since they just want to do
quick and dirty checks of their application under realistic user conditions.
The portable form factor is convenient because they can stick it under their
desk and install it in-line between their PC and the office network instead
of placing it in a rack in the machine room.
But the Mini and Mini2 have been limited to bandwidths of 100 Mbps, and more
and more frequently users have wanted to test at higher speeds.  So we have
often been asked, can’t you make a device with the basic features and low
cost of the Mini2, but able to handle gigabit speeds?  Until now, the answer
was no – the hardware platform for such a product didn’t exist and couldn’t
be built in a cheap, portable, fanless device.  But fortunately, Moore’s law
marches on, low power/low cost CPUs for tablets and mobile devices are
driving a new generation of embedded systems, and the hardware performance
has finally caught up with our processing needs.  We’re now able to build
the product you want with the features that you need at a price you can
afford.  We’re happy now to announce the brand-new Linktropy Mini-G, the
device many of you have been requesting for years.
For full details and specification for the Mini-G, see the product page at:

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