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Take Performance Testing to the Next Level with Netropy Traffic Generation

Discover how Netropy Traffic Generation Solutions help you:
  • Streamline the complexity, cost, and learning curve required to validate network, application, and security performance
  • Configure traffic streams with realistic application traffic and protocols on our wizard-driven technology
  • Generate a city-scale of network traffic by amplifying a single traffic capture into millions of flows
  • Roll out new applications and implement new systems with confidence

A modern, wizard-driven approach to traffic generation

Configure complex traffic streams with ease using our intuitive step-by-step process to be up and running performance tests in just minutes. Choose from our extensive library of pre-defined application flows or capture and replay production network traffic at tremendous scale.

Hardware and Virtual Traffic Generation Tools

Apposite offers affordable traffic generator tools on both hardware appliances and as software on virtual machines. Move away from outdated, expensive products and unreliable freeware, and experience the unmatched ease of use and repeatable results that Netropy Traffic Generation provides.  

Keep Your Application Performance Promise

Learn why over 2,500 of the world’s leading enterprises, service providers, technology vendors, and government agencies rely on apposite to benchmark, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance of their mission-critical networks and applications.