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Network Emulation is Now Available in the AWS Marketplace!

Accurate, Affordable Application Performance Testing in the Cloud

Netropy Cloud Edition is the first and only enterprise grade solution for building imperfect networks in the cloud.

  • Spin up complex networks in just minutes to save time and money over traditional approaches
  • Build a global network in a single virtual private cloud, and simulate 5G, Wi-Fi, SD-WAN, satellite networks and more
  • Use RESTful API to fully automate and configure testing
  • Ensure flawless application performance and a world-class experience for end users

Download the NetropyCE Datasheet​

NetropyCE in AWS Marketplace

NetropyCE is available directly from the AWS marketplace at an hourly rate for an incredibly cost-effective approach to application performance testing.

AWS Marketplace is an online store that allows customers to quickly launch pre-configured software and pay only for what they use. Visit our profile to start your five day free trial!

Performance Testing
in the Cloud

Simulate impairments like latency, loss and bandwidth constraints to replicate the conditions of real-world networks  for a realistic view of how applications will perform once they go live.

Emulate geographic distances within a single AWS region or VPC to save money on every test. 

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