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Quickly & Easily Spin Up Network Emulation in Your OpenStack Private Cloud Using Netropy Virtual Edition

NetropyVE with OpenStack

Apposite’s Netropy Virtual Edition can now be deployed in OpenStack and Red Hat OpenStack platforms. Using OpenStack’s native Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor, NetropyVE can emulate realistic global networks in the Openstack private cloud for a highly effective approach to application performance testing.

What are OpenStack and Red Hat OpenStack Platform?

OpenStack is an open source, cloud-computing platform that uses pooled virtual resources to run a combination of tools that build and manage cloud environments.

Red Hat® OpenStack Platform is a secure infrastructure that combines Red Hat Enterprise Linux® Server and KVM enabling users to run OpenStack nodes like compute, storage, and management – similar to a public cloud but in a private environment.

In either case, simply spin up NetropyVE like any other instance and with some minor network changes you can have emulation up and running in minutes. And just like OpenStack, NetropyVE lets users manage and automate testing through a web-based interface, command-line, or through RESTful API.

Testing in the Cloud

Testing in the cloud not only gives you greater agility and scalability, it helps you bring new services and applications to market faster.  What could take days or weeks to set up with traditional architecture takes only minutes in a cloud environment. But most cloud labs are lacking an essential component for effective application performance testing – a realistic network environment.

Testing under near perfect lab conditions can give inaccurate results and lead to performance issues and a poor user experience in the field. NetropyVE lets you proactively optimize performance of your critical applications by mimicking real-world network impairments in your cloud test environment. 

NetropyVE and OpenStack

Deploy a cloud using OpenStack and introduce network conditions like bandwidth constraints, latency and jitter using NetropyVE to quickly, easily, and affordably test applications on cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite, SD-WAN and more network configurations. By measuring the impact the network has on application performance, you can make necessary changes to application or network architecture to guarantee it will perform as expected once it goes live.

OpenStack’s cloud framework is great for platform availability and resource provisioning, but to make it great for application performance testing, you need WAN emulation. With enterprise grade WAN emulation from NetropyVE you can trust your results and develop and deploy your applications with confidence.

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