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Emulate Network Impairments to Test Application Performance with Netropy

Leverage Precision Network Impairment Emulation Technology to Test and Validate Application Performance on Any Network

Network Impairment for Application Testing

Making sure your applications perform consistently under diverse network conditions is crucial. Apposite Technologies makes this possible with our Netropy Network Emulation Tool.

Simulate a variety of network impairments like latency, bandwidth constraints, and packet loss in an intuitive user interface. Predict and address potential application issues in a controlled environment, so network issues never take you by surprise.

Get everything you need in one affordable package. With Netropy you can conduct network impairment tests, simulate Wi-Fi, SD-WAN, and satellite networks, and much more — all on one interface.

What Is a Network Impairment?

Network impairment is a broad term referring to any factor that disrupts the optimal performance of your network, from the degradation of data speed and quality to the complete unreliability of network connections.

These impairments, manifesting between the user’s device and the processing server, can lead to delayed data transmissions, congested traffic, loss of critical information, or even total network failure.

Picture this scenario: A pivotal moment where a user on your network initiates a command. The feedback is expected to be instantaneous, but it stalls. Moments pass, and the user makes another attempt, yet still nothing happens. Now, the user is frustrated and concerned — and they will only become more so the longer they wait.

Network impairments like this are often unpredictable, causing a domino effect that puts your technical team in a race against time to diagnose and rectify issues. While this happens user patience wanes and the credibility of your organization hangs in the balance.

Types of Network Impairments

When preparing to deploy or optimize applications, network performance can be impacted in a variety of ways, including:

  • Bandwidth Limitation: The maximum throughput a network can handle, which affects the speed at which data can be transmitted. Networks have finite resources, after all.

  • Connection Interruptions: Temporary disruptions that can sever the connection between client and server, typically due to maintenance, hardware failures, or external interferences.

  • Network Congestion: When network traffic approaches or exceeds the capacity of network resources, leading to packet delays and losses. This is particularly relevant in scenarios where network infrastructure is shared among multiple applications or services.

  • Latency and Latency Variation (Jitter): The delay in how much time it takes for a data packet to travel from one designated point to another. This can significantly affect user experience and application responsiveness. Variations in latency (or jitter) can further disrupt the smooth flow of real-time data, leading to issues in voice-over IP (VoIP) services, video streaming, online gaming, etc.

  • Packet Loss: When one or more packets of data traveling across a network fail to reach their destination, leading to data retransmission requests as well as increased latency and reduced throughput.

You don’t want any of these impairments to impact your applications by surprise. Especially during a launch period, this can severely damage confidence in a new product.

From diminished speed and reliability to poor data integrity, the consequences of network impairments go beyond the degradation of network quality. Anything that impedes your network’s operation can diminish trust in your organization and create tangible losses in productivity and revenue. Or, for government and military operations, performance issues in mission-critical applications can have much more dire consequences.

The challenge lies not in responding to these impairments after they’ve occurred but in testing and validating your applications through advanced network emulation before they go live.

How Network Impairment Emulation Works

The true test of an application’s resilience and performance isn’t conducted in ideal conditions, but rather in more challenging environments. Now, network testing technology from Apposite empowers network engineers to emulate a wide spectrum of network impairments with extreme precision. The practice of network impairment emulation encompasses many types of tests, including:

  • Latency Variation and Packet Loss: Simulate the intricate dynamics of packet transmission (including delays and loss scenarios) to understand how your applications perform under specific constraints.

  • Bandwidth Limits and Congestion: Replicate environments with different bandwidth limitations and network congestion dynamics in order to test how well your application and devices handle data.

  • Jitter: Emulate the variation in time between packets arriving, caused by network congestion, timing drift, or route changes. This is particularly important for testing applications that require a steady real-time stream of data, like VoIP or streaming services.

  • Protocol Behaviors under Stress: Examine how application protocols behave when faced with challenging network impairments.
    Each of these tests is designed to push the boundaries of your application or device to optimize for any network condition they might encounter. By preemptively identifying performance bottlenecks and other challenges, you can resolve issues before they impact end users.

Netropy: A Better Network Impairment Tool

Netropy, Apposite’s network impairment/emulation solution transcends traditional network testing methods by providing a controlled, repeatable environment for validation and testing of your mission-critical applications.

While other emulation tools promise similar benefits, few can deliver in such an intuitive manner as Netropy. Our emulation tools allow you to re-create real-world network conditions with SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, satellite communications, and more — all within one user-friendly interface. You can then automatically emulate specific impairments like weather interference and excessive traffic using a RESTful API connection.

Gain a comprehensive view of application performance before you ever deploy. Download the solution brief to learn more about Apposite’s Netropy Network Emulator.


Benefits of Netropy Network Impairment Tools

In an era where the demand exercised on networks continues to escalate, the need for advanced emulation and testing solutions has never been more critical. By implementing network impairment emulation into your testing and validation workflow, you can achieve several tangible benefits for your organization:

  • Optimized Performance: By preemptively identifying how applications respond to various network conditions, you can fine-tune parameters to enhance performance. This brings you one step closer to ensuring a seamless end-user experience with your network and your organization.

  • Informed Deployment Decisions: Validate the resilience of your applications under specific network conditions, making informed choices about deployment strategies and infrastructure investments.
    Enhanced Productivity: Reduce the time and resources spent in post-deployment troubleshooting and boost ROI by addressing potential issues in the emulation phase (before they become urgent).

  • Continuous Visibility: Emulate network impairments post-deployment to ensure your applications continue to serve users under real-world conditions. Use this data to troubleshoot issues and validate solutions without disrupting regular user workflow.

  • Reduce Testing Cost: Netropy enables you to achieve all of your testing goals without the excessive cost or complications of other network emulation solutions. Get everything you need for enhanced network impairment testing and more — for less.

  • Save Time: With a user-friendly interface and RESTful API integration capabilities, testing workflows are easy to create and automate, saving you and your team valuable time.

How Apposite’s Network Impairment Solutions Are Helping Other Organizations

Apposite Technologies has been an essential ally for many industry leaders, including Graphiant, a pioneer in Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). As one of over 2,500 of the world’s leading enterprises experiencing the power of Apposite’s network impairment tools, their story is one many organizations can relate to.

By integrating Apposite’s network impairment solutions, Graphiant achieved a remarkable reduction in both engineering costs and delivery times by 30-40%.

Netropy enabled them to emulate precise network conditions across diverse connection types, including fiber, 5G, 4G/LTE, and satellites. This strategic advantage allowed them to expedite feature qualification and delivery while cutting internal engineering expenses by 20-30%. This effectively lowered the cost for equivalent test capacity by 20-25%.

“Our plan is to use Apposite’s network emulators as the de facto tool for our event-based stress and solution testing. They’re an excellent partner we’ve come to count on to respond very quickly and keep our company and our customers ahead of the innovation curve.”
Vinay Prabhu
Director of Software Engineering in Test, Graphiant

Having granular control over network conditions and the immediate validation of performance is critical to your organization’s success. At Apposite, we want to help you keep your application performance promises. That all starts with superior network testing and emulation solutions.

Take Control of Your Network’s Future with Netropy

Don’t leave the resilience and efficiency of your applications to chance. With the right network impairment tools, you can navigate new digital challenges with confidence and strategic insight.

With Netropy, you gain insight into potential vulnerabilities and performance bottlenecks before they impact your operations. This insight allows you to implement and maintain application prioritization and Quality of Service (QoS) policies, providing a better user experience to everyone involved.

Let Apposite’s Netropy Network Emulation Tool be your preemptive solution for network impairment testing. Tailored for the intricate needs of network engineers, our tools allow for sophisticated emulation of network impairments — all within an uncomplicated interface.

Want to learn more? Download the solution brief to discover how Apposite’s Network impairment and emulation solutions can improve your organization.