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Portable & Mini WAN Emulators

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Linktropy Mini WAN Emulators Provide Ultra Portability and Ease of Use for Assessing True Application Performance At Up To 1 Gbps Speeds

Linktropy Mini WAN emulators deliver portable, low-cost, single-link application performance testing and product demonstrations on the go. While offering only a subset of the features found on the Netropy Network Emulators, our portable WAN emulators are ideal for smaller scope projects that require simulating basic WAN conditions such as bandwidth, latency, and loss. The Mini-G100 and Mini-G are nearly identical with the exception of their emulation performance capabilities. The Mini-G100 emulation rate is 100 Mbps while the Mini-G can assess application performance at up to 1 Gbps speeds.

Portable and affordable, the Linktropy Mini Emulator series is also easy to install, configure, and use wherever you need to set up on the move. You do not need software or training to use our portable network emulators. All you need to do is plug in the Ethernet cables, specify the link conditions, and begin testing. It is that simple.

Choosing the right Linktropy Mini WAN emulator depends on the specific requirements of your application. You may even find that your project demands our Linktropy Network Delay Simulator Tools or our Netropy Network Emulators. If you require any assistance, please Contact Us online or call us at (310) 477-9955. Our team would be happy to recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective model for your testing needs.

Optimize Application
Performance on the Go

Apposite Technologies’ Linktropy Mini WAN emulation tools provide a portable, low-cost alternative for projects with a smaller scope. With this convenient network testing tool you can quickly simulate basic network conditions for application development and customer demonstrations.

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Fast, Flexible Network Emulation

Emulate network impairments such as bandwidth constraints, latency, jitter, and loss at link speeds up to 1 Gpbs. Linktropy Mini lets users change impairments and measure results in real time. Live network traffic can be profiled and imported into the WAN emulation tool.

Easy Installation and Application Performance Testing

Linktropy Mini network emulators are quick to install, intuitive to configure, and easy to operate. The Linktropy Mini GUI provides the responsiveness of an application with the convenience of a standard web browser. Get up and running in minutes with no training necessary.

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Linktropy Mini Models

  • Linktropy Mini-G100

  • Linktropy Mini-G

Mini WAN Emulators on the Go

Our mini WAN emulators give you the flexibility you need for application development and customer demonstrations on smaller scope projects. The Linktropy Mini-G and Mini-G100 deliver low-cost, easy-to-use WAN emulation. These portable network emulators allow you to quickly emulate conditions for any type of WAN, including terrestrial, internet and wireless networks.

Portable WAN emulators from Apposite Technologies simulate bandwidth, latency and loss separately in each direction. Lightweight and easy to carry, the Linktropy Mini-G and Mini-G100 offer a fanless design and solid-state storage for silent, high-reliability operation. The intuitive, browser-based interface enables simplified installation and configuration. You can instantly see the effects of WAN conditions on application performance using the real-time traffic monitor, which shows throughput graphs and statistics.

The Linktropy Mini Series provides everything you need to get the job done, with no additional software or hardware required. You can rest assured that you’ll get reliable results time and again with our portable network emulators. Designed to emulate basic network conditions, the Linktropy Mini Series is dependable and affordable. Our mini WAN emulators are ultra-portable and easy to use, allowing you to assess true application performance on the go.

Portable Network Emulators You Can Trust

Our portable network emulators provide easy-to-use, reproducible testing. There’s no training required to use our Linktropy mini emulators. You’re good to begin testing as soon as you plug in the Ethernet cables and specify the link conditions. The Linktropy Mini Series can emulate latency from 0.1 ms. up to 10 sec. in a constant, normal or uniform distribution. It also allows you to specify loss as a packet loss rate, bit error rate or both. Each appliance can be installed as a bridge or a router.

Portable WAN emulators from Apposite Technologies produce test results that you can view in real-time. You can count on the dependability of our appliances. Designed with your needs in mind, the Linktropy Mini Series offers portable reliability that you can take anywhere.

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The Linktropy Mini-G and Mini-G100 deliver test results that you can rely on. Contact us today for the portable network emulators you need for your application development and customer demonstrations.