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DNS Storm

DNS Storm:
DNS Performance Test Tool

Generate DNS Queries at High Scale

Measure the Performance and Capacity of Carrier-Grade DNS Servers Against a High Scale of DNS Queries

Internet functionality depends on DNS servers to process an enormous number of requests simultaneously.  DNS Storm is a DNS performance test tool that sends a continuous stream of DNS query types to measure DNS server performance under stress. Use DNS Storm to load test DNS servers to help determine points of failure and eliminate performance bottlenecks. 

On Demand DNS Storm Webinar:
Why DNS Scalability is Critical to Service Reliability And New Test Methodologies You Must Know

Stress Test DNS Servers at Scale

DNS Storm can generate up to 2 million DNS queries per second from up to a million different clients to find the breaking point of any DNS server.  

Test DNS performance by tracking how many queries are completed or lost and measuring the latency of query response times. DNS Storm supports more than a dozen DNS query types and tracks common DNS response codes.

Test DNS Servers


    • Perform value-seeking DNS performance tests to find the maximum number of queries per second a server can handle
    • Configure tests with valid and invalid queries to assess how the device will respond
    • Scale testing by sending up to 2 million queries per second from 1 million emulated clients
    • Avoid manual user entry with DNS Storm’s WebCrawler that auto populates a list of 500 thousand of the current most popular domains
    • Induce cache misses and stress the DNS server to find the breaking point
    • Capture statistics such as queries sent, queries lost, avg. packet size, min and max latency etc.

Evaluate DNS Server Real-World Responses

DNS Storm uses a web crawler to automatically populate and continuously update a catalog of half a million of the world’s most used domains. Accurately evaluate the server’s real-world response to both valid and invalid queries without the hassle of manual domain input.

Configure tests quickly and easily with DNS Storm’s modern, wizard-driven user interface or automate testing using RESTful API.

DNS Test Solution

How Does DNS Storm Compare to DNSPerf?

Unlike DNSPerf, DNS Storm has a modern, intuitive user interface. DNS Storm also reaches a higher scale than DNSPerf for larger projects  involving carrier-grade DNS servers.  With the addition of the web crawler that keeps an up-to-date catalog of the world’s most popular domains, DNS Storm enables users to perform negative testing.  Use this to test DNS servers against both valid and invalid DNS queries for a real-world test scenario you just can’t get with freeware.

DNS Storm is also backed by Apposite’s team of experts. Our engineers are constantly enhancing the product to keep up with evolving technology and deliver the best possible user experience. Plus, the purchase of DNS Storm comes with product support from Apposite’s dedicated support team to ensure you get the most out of your DNS test solution.

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Traffic Generation Use Cases

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Application Performance Testing

High-Scale Readiness Testing

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