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RFC 2544 Test Solution

Execute Industry Standard Performance Benchmarks

Apposite's RFC 2544 Test Solution was Specifically Designed to Perform the Subsets of the RFC 2544 Test Methodology

Request for comment (RFC) 2544 is a methodology for testing and measuring network devices and their performance. From its creation in 1999 to now, RFC 2544 delivers standardized performance results and enables users to compare network devices and software across different vendors easily. The RFC 2544 includes multiple subtests – each designed to evaluate how devices will act in real-world scenarios. Apposite’s RFC 2544 solution has the testing and reporting capabilities to complete the subsets of the RFC 2544. 

Benchmark Network Device Performance

Evaluate the packet forwarding performance of a broad range of networking devices with Apposite’s RFC 2544 test solution. 

Measure throughput, latency, frame loss, and back-to-back frames to benchmark device performance for easy comparison.  By following the RFC 2544 test methodology, users can achieve defined, unambiguous results and easily determine which devices perform best for their specific needs.

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Frame Loss
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RFC Subtests

    • Throughput: Measures the highest rate at which the data can travel with zero dropped packets. Roughly translates to the available bandwidth.

    • Latency: The time it takes a frame to get from its original sender to a destination. Latency is measured by transmitting a test frame containing a timestamp through a network.
    • Frame Loss: The percentage of frames successfully transmitted from a source that were never received at the destination.

    • Back-to-Back Frames: To measure back-to-back frame testing, send bursts of frames to the DUT. The back-to-back value is the number of frames in the longest burst of frames your device can handle without frame loss.

Automated, Value Seeking Performance Tests

Our RFC 2544 test module enables users to test against packet sizes from 64 – 1518 Bites in a series of value seeking tests. View the packets per second graph in real-time or use our offline analyzer to review results at the end of the test.

With wizard-driven test configuration and a modern, browser-based UI, test set up is quick and easy. 

RFC 2544 Throughput Test
RFC 2544 Frame Loss Test

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