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Network Traffic Generator

Traffic Generation Tool for Benchmarking Performance

Benchmark the Raw Packet Level Performance of Networks and Devices with Classical Performance Measurements

TrafficEngine delivers all the performance and features that you expect from an industry-leading network traffic generator. More than just a packet sender, TrafficEngine provides the tools you need for a deep dive into understanding your network’s performance.

As a trusted network traffic generator appliance, TrafficEngine offers a broad array of protocols and applications, allowing you to stress-test at scale. You can use TrafficEngine to locate and prevent performance bottlenecks before they become a problem.

TrafficEngine also generates the reports you need to understand your test results. You get real time aggregate statistics on a per-port and per-stream basis, along with the ability to download stats to a CSV. TrafficEngine is the network traffic generator that can transform your understanding of your network.

Amplify Traffic to Test Networks and Devices at Scale

Quickly and easily assess complex network topologies by generating line rate stateless traffic and emulating millions of traffic flows. Ensure network performance, QoS policies, and resiliency at scale by stress testing with an extensive mix of applications and protocols.

TrafficEngine Traffic Generation tool


  • Quickly configure complex traffic flows to mimic the real traffic on your network.

  • Generate a city-scale of network traffic by amplifying a single flow into millions of flows.

  • Ensure network and device performance even at peak load times with high traffic volume.
  • Identify and resolve performance issues before they reach your customers.

  • Mitigate the risks associated with new application rollouts and system implementations.

  • Troubleshoot crashes and bugs to identify the cause of application failure and build fixes faster.

Simplify Stream-based Traffic Configuration

Create custom streams using the Stream Configuration Wizard in our traffic generation tool or automate testing with RESTful API. Gather real-time statistics on a per port or per stream basis to quickly analyze and optimize device performance with ease.

More Traffic Generation Applications

Capture, reproduce, and amplify production traffic in a controlled lab environment.

Optimize the performance and functionality of application aware devices and systems.

Measure the performance and capacity of DNS servers against a high scale of DNS queries.

Evaluate the session holding capabilities of stateful network devices and servers.

Traffic Generation Use Cases

SD-WAN Evaluation and Optimization

  • Evaluate SD-WAN controllers, validate SD-WAN architectures, or optimize SD-WAN implementations
  • Emulate clients, servers, and realistic application traffic. 
  • Choose from our extensive library of app flows and protocols
  • Integrate with Netropy Network Emulators for an end-to-end SD-WAN performance testing solution
SD-WAN Testing

Next Generation Firewall Testing

  • Validate firewall performance, security, and resiliency
  • Replicate real-world application traffic at scale
  • Create custom application mixes, then emulate application servers and thousands of simultaneous users 
  • Ensure that malware is stopped while authorized traffic passes through to its destination
Firewall Testing

Site-to-Site Application Performance Testing

  • Verify application performance between two remote sites
  • Validate tools like WAN accelerators with a variety of application mixes and protocols
  • Capture and replay live production traffic in a controlled setting 
  • Emulate both sites and generate the network traffic passing between them at scale 
Application Performance Testing

High-Scale Readiness Testing

  • Emulate video conference sessions and conduct VoIP quality testing at scale 
  • Verify the corporate VPN can handle high volumes of traffic
  • Generate multi-media traffic to ensure firewalls are set up correctly
  • Determine whether routers are prioritizing traffic as designated by your QoS
Video Conference Testing

A Network Traffic Generator Delivering Real-World Results

Your operation depends on your network’s ability to run 24/7. Testing is crucial to ensuring consistent network performance. When you’re ready to test your networks and devices at scale, you want a network traffic generator that will recreate the toughest conditions your system will face.

A bandwidth stress test alone isn’t enough to determine your network’s overall health. You need to be able to easily benchmark performance for a wide range of factors, such as:

  • Packet loss
  • Throughput
  • Jitter
  • Min, max and avg latency

A good network traffic generator appliance delivers high-quality testing that prevents unexpected behaviors, network problems and outages, while also verifying QoS policy adherence, ensuring network performance and delivering resiliency at scale.

More Than a Packets Generator

Beyond simply performing a dropped packets test, you need to replicate real-life network traffic patterns, including weekdays vs. weekends, daily peak period and FDMI (fixed daily measurement interval) and other peak events by specifying:

  • Ramp-up
  • Ramp-down
  • Number of iterations
  • Total duration
  • Traffic stream distribution

The network traffic generator‘s ability to create custom streams is crucial, enabling parameters like IP address, MAC address and VLAN to be incremented in a set pattern or randomized.

Apposite Technologies’ TrafficEngine delivers all this and more. You can use our network traffic generator to configure traffic streams and emulate endpoints at a high scale.

The Network Traffic Generator Appliance of Choice

With TrafficEngine, you can create up to 512 unique streams per port with as many as 1 million flows per stream. Our network traffic generator appliance allows you to use repeat, fixed, increment, decrement or user-defined criteria on the fly to edit packet header fields and payloads. It supports more than 130 predefined and customizable layer 2-7 header templates, like TCP, IPv4, IPv6, UDP, SIP, HTTP and RTP.

TrafficEngine enables you to test, troubleshoot and optimize even the most complex network topologies. It is ideal for testing high-scale readiness and evaluating site to site application performance.

TrafficEngine generates insightful real-time reports, detailing important information like aggregate statistics on a per-port and per-stream basis. You can even download per-stream and per-port stats in a CSV file. There’s also an Offline Analyzer that allows you to visualize long-duration tests graphically.

Trust Your Network Traffic Generator Needs to Apposite Technologies

You need to know that your network and devices are capable of running all day every day. TrafficEngine delivers that peace of mind by testing your systems against real-world challenges. Contact us now for the network traffic generator that meets your needs.