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Presss Release: Future Internet Lab at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Selects Apposite’s 40 Gbps WAN Emulator to Develop Products for Efficient Data Transfer

Lab Adds the Netropy 40G After Experience with Apposite’s 10 Gbps Emulators

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LOS ANGELES, CA (April 12, 2017) ─ Apposite® Technologies and its distributor Digital Hands are proud to announce that the Future Internet Lab Anhalt (FILA) at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences has selected the Netropy 40G, the world’s first emulator for simulating WAN bandwidth up to 40 Gbps. The Netropy 40G will make it possible for FILA to test transmission of globally distributed Big Data applications at the highest throughput rates within their laboratory in Saxony-Anhalt.

The demand for high-speed networks is growing steadily. High data transfer rates are particularly necessary for cloud infrastructure and media distribution, as well as for the replication and synchronization of memory.

However, it is necessary to determine whether critical applications can actually deliver full performance at high bandwidth. At 40 Gbps, even a small amount of packet losses or jitter can cause considerable performance degradation.

To enable application testing at high data rates, Apposite Technologies has developed the world’s first WAN emulator capable of simulating bandwidths up to 40 Gbps. The Netropy 40G allows application developers and users to test the performance of applications under realistic network conditions with very high precision and to optimize application performance based on real results.

BitBooster, an Example of FILA’s Research and Marketing

FILA’s BitBooster project at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Köthen demonstrates the importance of using a WAN emulator to test cloud applications. BitBooster is a start-up project designed to bring the fastest solution for the distribution of large data sets to the market. BitBooster can synchronize several hundred gigabytes of data simultaneously over several continents within a few minutes. Using interrupt coalescing, BitBooster is able to run on very low-cost network hardware.

“There is nothing on the market like BitBooster that uses interrupt coalescing,” says Eduard Siemens, Professor of Communication Technology at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, who founded the Future Internet Lab Anhalt in 2010. Equipment in the lab is capable of transmitting data at 40 gigabits per second. The integration of BitBooster into existing data transfer systems from network providers and cloud service providers is an important driver for the scientists at the lab. The purchase of the equipment was made possible with the financial support of the Saxony-Anhalt Ministry of Economy, Science and Digitalization.

“As bandwidth continues to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult for applications to transfer data at full speed,” said J.D. Kritser, Chairman of Apposite Technologies. “Testing with real-world network conditions including delay and packet loss is a critical part of developing applications capable of actually transferring data at 40 Gbps. We are proud to have been selected by FILA to help develop innovative solutions like BitBooster and test under real-world conditions.”

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Apposite Technologies develops high-precision WAN emulation products used by IT professionals to benchmark the performance of applications across wide area networks. Distinguished by industry-best ease-of-use and unmatched cost-performance, Apposite’s award-wining Netropy and Linktropy appliances inform critical decisions impacting bandwidth investment, application deployment, and end-user satisfaction.

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