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Press Release: Apposite Introduces a Breakthrough Approach to Testing the Performance of Networks, Applications, and Security Infrastructure

The Netropy Traffic Generation Suite Streamlines the Complexity and Cost of Evaluating the Quality of Emerging Communication Systems

Los Angeles, California, February 23, 2021—Apposite Technologies, a leader in ensuring application quality, is launching a modern suite of easy-to-use traffic generation solutions that will help guarantee network and application performance from new product rollouts to system implementations. Apposite’s Netropy Traffic Generation solutions streamline the complexity, cost, and learning curve required to measure and optimize the performance of networks, applications, and security at scale.

“We are excited to see our partner at Apposite expanding their testing and quality assurance solutions portfolio,” said Patrick Gallagher, Vice President at Carahsoft, which serves as Apposite Technologies’ Master Government Aggregator®. “The Netropy Traffic Generation suite will allow organizations, including our public sector customers, to improve the development of new applications and networks by testing their performance under simulated conditions at scale to identify issues before they are deployed for use. In addition, the security testing feature allows IT teams to not only test the bandwidth and latency of their applications but also the strength of their policies and defenses against potential threats.”

Netropy Traffic Generation brings increasingly critical insight to a large, under-served segment of a $1 billion  test market. Apposite’s next-generation approach right-sizes cost, functionality, and skills requirements for enterprises, systems integrators, vendors, and government agencies worldwide.

Highlights include:

Ease of use: All Netropy Traffic Generation applications are browser-based and wizard-driven. Fast, easy installation allows users to be up and running tests in less than 30 minutes with no dedicated test expertise required. Streamlined system configuration with one consistent user interface lets tests be conducted on any Linux, Windows, or Mac system.

Deep application and security insight: The powerful Netropy suite scales from measuring packet-level performance to modeling sophisticated mixes of application traffic, such as video streaming/conferencing, social media, e-commerce, SaaS applications, and much more. Over 40,000 malware signatures can be added to simulate and test using realistic mixes of legitimate and malicious traffic.

Scale: Netropy’s simple traffic capture and configuration make it easy to generate thousands of traffic streams for highly accurate, repeatable testing at scale. Detailed logs and reports drive analytics to pinpoint performance problems in planned or production environments.

Affordability: The new Netropy suite delivers the power and features companies need at less than half the cost of traditional traffic generation systems. Apposite also provides access to a vast library of test applications—social media, e-commerce, productivity, gaming, and conferencing—at no additional cost, eliminating annual subscription costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Most organizations know they need to conduct proper testing as part of specific projects like new service rollouts or network upgrades but find existing traffic generation products either cost-prohibitive or have too steep of a learning curve,” says Joseph Zeto, CEO of Apposite Technologies. “Our modern approach simplifies the process so IT teams and systems integrators can simulate real-world scenarios and troubleshoot performance at scale without investing in dedicated test expertise.”

The Netropy Traffic Generation suite features four initial applications for testing and troubleshooting the performance, capacity, and security of applications, services, servers, and other devices:

TrafficEngine delivers traditional performance measurement and analysis by generating packets at line rate to measure throughput, latency, jitter, and other valuable metrics. Customers can configure and generate protocol headers to simulate realistic mixes of complex applications such as video streams, file transfers, unified communications, and web applications.

AppPlayback helps troubleshoot application performance issues quickly by recording a single application flow (Dropbox, social media, streaming video, Zoom, etc.) and amplifying it into up to a million flows to replicate and identify issues at scale.

AppStorm enables users to configure real application traffic or choose from a large library of pre-defined application flows to validate application-aware devices like SD-WAN gateways and firewalls. Users can simulate both client and server traffic at branch and central locations and measure prioritization, adherence to QoS policies, security resilience, and performance.

SessionStrike provides performance benchmarking for application servers and other devices. Users can simulate massive numbers of sessions or transactions to test capacity and session holding capabilities prior to rolling out new equipment or conducting high-volume e-commerce, retail, event registration, conferencing, and other campaigns.


About Apposite Technologies

Apposite Technologies provides world-class network and application test solutions to enterprises, service providers, technology vendors, and government agencies worldwide. With both Network Emulation and Traffic Generation products, Apposite enables users to inject realistic application traffic onto accurate simulations of any wide-area network for a fast, easy way to optimize network and device performance. Apposite’s modern testing solutions help businesses deploy new technology with confidence while increasing automation and lowering costs associated with performance testing.


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