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Cloud Migration and Cloud Stress Test Tools

Application Performance Testing For the Cloud

The network is a critical factor when transitioning to the cloud, especially if you’re moving large volumes of data to multiple different regions. Bandwidth constraints and latency can both heavily impact the time it takes to complete that migration, and data loss due to network failures is a high-risk concern.

To prepare your network for the transition to cloud, organizations must ensure there is enough capacity to handle the new cloud configuration. Network emulators and cloud migration testing help evaluate how network constraints, such as bandwidth limitations and latency, will impact a large data transfer without the risk of losing data.

Network Emulation For the Cloud
Application Performance Testing Tools

Test and benchmark both the initial network and the target cloud environments. Effective cloud migration testing eliminates potential performance problems after the initial transition.

Cloud Migration Testing

Simulate network constraints that could jeopardize cloud migration success. Measure network bandwidth constraints and latency with Apposite network emulators prior to migrating.

Application Performance Test for Cloud Migration

Validate the performance requirements of a migration before going live. Complex testing ensures networks are ready for application migration to the cloud.

Cloud Migration Network Testing

Application Performance in the Cloud

When migrating to the cloud, you move your data and applications, but keep the same network. This doesn’t mean your network won’t be affected. In fact, cloud migration often results in increased requirements for bandwidth due to increased internet connectivity, and the traffic characteristics of each internet connection may affect application performance.

Apposite’s Network emulators can simulate the conditions in the cloud to help test and validate application performance before undertaking a large migration.

Cloud Migration and Datacenter Relocation Video