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IoT Testing Tools

Scale IoT Performance Testing

IoT devices rely on consistent network availability and reliable connectivity to function properly, so it is especially important that they be developed and tested in the same “real-world” environments in which they will be deployed.

Apposite’s network emulators provide IoT testing and visibility into how different network conditions will impact device performance for a fast path to IoT proof of concept deployments at real world scale.

IoT Performance Testing Tool
IoT testing in perfect lab conditions won’t provide the insights you need into the potential impact of network constraints. But Apposite’s IoT testing tools allow you to evaluate the factors that can affect the stability of IoT platforms, like sensor connectivity to the platform, the number of users and the reliability of the end user’s internet connection. Our IoT testing tools will help you understand the effects of a connectivity issue during various strategic actions. An effective IoT scenario test should also mimic multiple networks, such as WANs, satellite, mobile and Wi-Fi. IoT performance testing with Apposite’s tools ensures you get the data you need to make informed decisions.
Internet of Things Performance Testing

IoT testing tools from Apposite mimic a variety of network topologies and scenarios to test IoT projects in a controlled and repeatable manner. Emulate networks to stress test IoT platforms in real-time.

IoT WAN Emulation

Measure the impact impairments such as network bandwidth, latency, and packet loss have on IoT performance. Using WAN emulators, learn where your IoT devices need additional development.

The Best Network Simulator for testing IoT Performance

Predict how your IoT platform will respond to any network (i.e. mobile, Wi-Fi, WAN, or Satellite). WAN emulators and IoT performance testing tools provide crucial data when preparing to deploy complex IoT devices.

Predict IoT Performance wit complex Testing Tools

Guarantee IoT Success

Emulating your network is the most accurate, scalable, and cost-effective way to test IoT platforms and approximate end user experience.

Apposite network emulators integrate with load-testing platforms to simulate virtual gateways, create unique customer workloads, and emulate networks at scale to guarantee IoT customer pilot success.

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