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Network Security Test Tools

Validate Network Security Devices

Measure the Performance of Network Security Defenses

Continuous cybersecurity testing is essential to maintaining a good defense. By proactively identifying, evaluating, and fortifying security architectures, organizations can better protect themselves from the relentless threat of cyber attacks.

Test solutions like our traffic generators and Attack Library enable emulation of real-world attack scenarios to help scrutinize vulnerabilities across network layers, assess the efficacy of security devices and protocols, and measure attack readiness from potential breaches and disruptions. With access to the most current cyber threats and CVEs Apposite’s security test solutions help identify weaknesses, fine-tune defenses, and better protect networks from the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Firewall Performance Testing

Validate the effectiveness of firewalls and other network security devices with traffic generation by emulating various types of traffic including valid application traffic and cyber threats like malware, viruses, and common vulnerability exploits (CVEs).

Evaluate the firewall’s ability to filter and block malicious or unauthorized traffic, while continuing to let valid traffic pass through without degrading network and application performance. 

Emulate Malicious Attacks on Layers 2-7

Comprehensive cybersecurity testing involves simulating a diverse range of attack types across every layer of the network stack. Emulate cyber threats like malware, phishing, spyware, viruses, CVEs, and DDoS attacks to assess the resilience of network defenses.

Understanding the differences between layers is crucial for designing comprehensive security strategies that cover the entire network stack. While attacks on layers 2-3 target network-level vulnerabilities, infrastructure, and routing,  layers 4-7 attacks target higher-level protocols, applications, and user interactions. By generating attacks and testing security at each layer, organizations can identify potential entry points for attackers and fortify defenses accordingly.

Safely simulate attacks at real-world scale in a closed lab environment to avoid risking damage to the network.

Application Performance Test for Cloud Migration

Verify security infrastructure blocks malicious attacks without disrupting production traffic and degrading the network’s performance.

Stay up to date with evolving cyber threats to ensure security devices and test methodologies remain effective.

Test Against DDoS Attacks

Test protection, alert, and mitigation of DDoS attacks using a traffic generator to create realistic attack scenarios. Simulate DDoS attacks by generating a large scale of bot traffic from different regions simultaneously. Configure specific details of the attack including the number of compromised devices, how fast the attack ramps up, and how often it repeats.

DDoS attacks are now targeting every layer of the network including the application layer, so it is especially important to be able to simulate multi-layer attacks. Launch attacks against actual devices like WAFs, or simulated targets to avoid disrupting production defenses. 

Network Security Test Solutions

Apposite’s Attack Library consists of 10k+ cybersecurity threats including viruses, malware and other attacks for comprehensive network security testing. By ensuring our solution is always up to date, it delivers the cutting-edge intelligence needed to protect your network and devices from ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

Apposite’s DDoS Storm generates large scale bot traffic from multiple regions simultaneously to emulate a real DDoS attack. By simulating real-world attacks and valid application traffic at scale, organizations can optimize security devices like web application firewalls, validate DDoS defenses, improve security performance, and ensure network resiliency.

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