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SD-WAN Testing & Optimization Solutions

The right SD-WAN solution can provide increased productivity, more efficient use of bandwidth, a better end-user experience, and lower costs, but proper SD-WAN testing is necessary to optimize network performance and ensure a successful deployment. Apposite Technologies’ solutions make it easy to streamline the evaluation of SD-WAN by realistically emulating all of your WAN connections in the lab and generating a high scale of application traffic to validate performance before deployment.

 Carrying out an SD-WAN performance test with our network emulators and traffic generators helps gain insight into the impact of real-world network impairments and traffic scenarios, including cyber threats. Apposite’s solutions help organizations perform vendor bakeoffs, verify application performance, ensure cost efficiency and validate security features. Find the system that works best for your network conditions and application mix with our SD-WAN testing solutions. 

Streamline SD-WAN Performance Testing

Use Apposite’s modern traffic generators to assess how well an SD-WAN configuration handles a variety of application types at scale.  Simulate headquarters, branch offices and other end points of the network,  then generate the expected mix of application traffic that will traverse the SD-WAN, such as video streaming, web browsing, and VoIP.

Analyze key performance metrics by application type to ensure they receive the appropriate level of service. By using the traffic generator to generate traffic with different QoS requirements, easily determine whether the SD-WAN gateway correctly prioritizes application traffic in accordance with specified QoS policies. 

Application Performance Testing Tools for SD-WAN

Simplify testing and evaluation of SD-WAN systems by replicating real-world networks in the lab with Apposite’s WAN emulators.

Satellite Application Testing

Test firewall functionality and other security features by generating application traffic and malicious attacks with Apposite’s traffic generators. 

SD-WAN Optimization and Testing

Compare SD-WAN vendor solutions and optimize configurations for your specific network conditions and applications. 

Test SD-WAN Solutions Before Deployment

SD-WAN networks typically combine a reliable, high-cost MPLS network carrying time-sensitive data with lower-cost broadband connections for lower-priority data. Use network emulation to emulate the dynamic conditions of all of your WAN connections in the test lab to validate performance before risking your operations in real-world scenarios.  

Test path selection, QoS prioritization, and link failover before you deploy to ensure your SD-WAN solution maintains network availability and application performance, even in the face of network failures.

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