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Fast-track Delivery of High-growth Broadband Services

With End-to-end Access Network and Security Testing

Uplevel Performance Throughout the Broadband Lifecycle

Put broadband access networks to the test to deliver the high-speed, high-quality services modern customers demand. Apposite’s simple-to-use traffic generation and network emulation appliances let you emulate residential and business subscribers and simulate high-speed network conditions — at scale — without investing millions in test labs and specialized skills.

  • Conduct fast, repeatable broadband access testing
  • Secure and maintain federal grant funding
  • Fast-track delivery of differentiated security, streaming, and business-class services
  • Meet SLAs as services scale
Lifecycle Benefits of Testing

End-to-end Testing for Every Technology

Whether you choose to reach customers via hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) or passive optical networking (PON), Apposite’s network emulatorstraffic generators, and full suite of test applications equip you to test device and system performance end-to-end. Leverage Apposite’s flexible port densities to:

  • Simulate Internet servers and 100G links to bulletproof e-commerce, videoconferencing, streaming media and other premium services
  • Emulate 1G/10G home and business connections at scale
  • Choose the right devices
  • Benchmark and validate network performance, security, and QoS
  • Demonstrate compliance with state and federal grant funding requirements

Evolve into The Future with DOCSIS

As Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) technology makes coax networks stronger and faster, cable providers must ensure devices meet the challenge of high-speed video, large file transfers, and remote workers sharing the bandwidth with Netflix and gamers.

Conduct easy, repeatable, scalable testing of broadband home routers (BHRs) and gateways (BHGs), cable modems (CMs), and end-to-end systems to:

  • Fine-tune timing and synchronization
  • Streamline adoption/migration to DOCSIS 4.0
  • Bring multi-gigabit business-class services to market
  • Ensure performance with greater distances between CMs and CMTS
DOCSIS Network Diagram

A typical DOCSIS architecture test scenario. Apposite equips your engineers and network architects to test the performance of access networks at every juncture from BHRs to RFI access nodes to CCAP (Converged Cable Access Platform) core solutions, edge routers and cable modem termination systems (CMTS) — all without leaving your lab. 

Emulate Latency to Optimize Performance

Simulate latency to measure and mitigate the impact of changing network conditions on performance. Make sure services meet requirements – less than 100ms of latency round-trip in some cases – to maintain federal funding.

Validate Throughput for High-growth Applications

Apply realistic conditions in the lab – jitter, packet loss, sudden spikes in demand – to be sure services maintain up- and downlink speeds needed for high-quality multi-media applications.

Choose the Right Equipment Partners for Your Needs

Conduct head-to-head bakeoffs to select the ideal BHGs and other devices. Test your specific requirements and validate vendor claims. 

Extend the Reach and Value of Fiber with PON

Testing with Apposite also equips providers to maximize the value of fiber-based passive optical networking (PON) and gigabit-capable passive optical network (GPON) infrastructures. Our easy-to-use ‘lab in a box’ approach delivers a single system to test optical network terminals (ONTs), unpowered optical beam splitters, and optical line terminals (OLTs) — every element of the journey from subscribers’ home or business to the Internet or PSTN.

  • Fast-track revenue-generating high-speed Ethernet services
  • Extend fiber to more business customers – multi-tenant buildings, hospitals, hotels
  • Streamline deployment while ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations
GPON Network Diagram

A typical fiber access test scenario. Apposite lets test engineers define highly specific mixes of application traffic (and attack traffic) to test PON systems and components. Apposite emulates customers on one side of the system under test (SUTs) and severs on the other, simulating a broad mix of traffic profiles and network conditions. 

Lifecycle Testing for BEAD, RDOF, TBCP

1. Secure Grant Funding 2. Create Jobs 3. Exceed Expectations

Broadband Equity Access and Deployment (BEAD), the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program (TBCP), and other government funding programs include requirements for workforce development and proof of performance before releasing funds. Apposite helps on both counts.

Demonstrate performance to secure and maintain funds. Our broadband experts work with you to conduct automated, repeatable and affordable lifecycle testing throughout the funding lifecycle. Build accountability into your grant proposals to secure funding then repeat testing—using real broadband traffic—to validate performance requirements on a regular basis.

Create rewarding new jobs and upskill your workforce. Apposite’s ‘lab in a box’ approach makes it easy to hire and train your own test experts without investing millions to build lab facilities. We’ll work with you to educate engineers and cultivate valuable skills to secure the future of broadband. 

  • Build accountability into funding proposals
  • Choose the best vendors
  • Stay on schedule and under budget
  • Meet requirements for demonstrating performance

Expand Your Portfolio, Secure Your Future

Think big. Launch new premium streaming, conferencing, and managed IT and cybersecurity services tailored to the needs of local businesses and remote workers. Put new services to the test first using Apposite’s traffic generators and our Attack Library of cyber threats to create real-world network and attack scenarios and evaluate the efficacy of security devices and protocols.

Emulate realistic mixes of valid application and cyber threat traffic — phishing, malware, viruses, common vulnerability exploits (CVEs), and DDoS attacks — to bulletproof your broadband networks and services.

The whole of your broadband network is greater than the sum of its parts. Apposite lets you test individual components and end-to-end performance. Emulate and measure the impact of latency, jitter, peak traffic, and other challenging conditions arising between the CMTS and RFI node, as well as the impact of traversing greater distances on service quality.

  • Simulate attacks on Layers 2-7
  • Measure attack readiness
  • Test the performance of firewalls and other network security devices
  • Evaluate your ability to block malicious traffic while allowing legitimate traffic to flow

Why Apposite?

Testing shouldn’t be hard, and you shouldn’t just rely on vendors to do it. Apposite keeps your team in control with a powerful, carrier-grade end-to-end solution. Enjoy the difference industry-best ease of use, scale, and customer support can make to your bottom line and day-to-day operations.


  • Wizard-based based test setup and configuration
  • Automated, repeatable one-click testing
  • Complete L2-L7 solution
  • Security testing with advanced Attack Library