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Storage Performance Testing Tools

Prepare for Distributed Storage with WAN Emulators

As the industry transitions to distributed storage architectures to improve scale and security, your client data gets replicated to facilities in multiple regions as well as the cloud. Storage performance testing tools are critical for emulating application performance under realistic network conditions. Data gathered from these tests is vital to guaranteeing reliability and the best possible user experience.

When applications depend on fast, reliable access to stored data, depend on Apposite to verify networks are up to the task.

How To Test Storage Application Perform

Using network emulation to test Storage helps you understand how a specific system will manage during peak loads and whether additional workloads will impact performance. Apposite’s storage testing tools give you the insight you need to make informed decisions about your storage requirements. Using a network emulator, you can avoid under- or over-provisioning for bandwidth, saving your organization from overspending on costly fixes or unneeded resources. Storage performance tests allow you to rigorously evaluate providers that employ different technologies and various architectures. You can also verify system level scalability and performance by recreating real-world conditions. Use Apposite’s network emulation tools and get the assurance you need.

WAN Emulator

Validate storage applications with WAN emulators to verify performance under real-world network conditions. 

Distributed Storage Application Testing

Accelerate your pre-deployment distributed storage performance testing for data migration, backup and disaster recovery, and data center replication.

Distributed Storage

Simulate multiple high speed links with different impairments to represent distributed storage architectures. Apposite’s storage performance testing tools ensure that data is prepared for migration.

Storage Performance Testing Tools

Test Storage Performance with Fast Access to the Cloud

When data is stored within the cloud, it needs to be replicated up to 10 times or more to ensure redundancy and integrity, but in the struggle to guarantee expedient access to data, network latency remains a bottleneck that dramatically affects business operations. 

Use Apposite’s WAN emulators to emulate network impairments, like latency, packet loss, and congestion to help Identify issues early, validate network and device performance, and understand the experience of end-users.

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