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VoIP Quality & Streaming Testing

Video streaming is a huge part of daily life, especially in the last two years with many working remotely. Being able to easily communicate over Google Meet, Teams, Zoom, and other video calling services is essential for many employers and employees. Moreover, countless users consume hours of online videos in the form of news, TV series, and movies on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Hulu on their mobile and desktop devices each day. However, effective, high-quality video streaming is often reliant on stable networks and optimized device performance. Guaranteeing video streaming performance over bad networks can be achieved with the help of our video streaming and VoIP quality testing tools.

Test Your Video Streaming Quality Before You Go Live

Since the network is the most dynamic factor in online video streaming it’s important to consider how network impairments will affect quality of service. Internet video is based on packet transmission, and can be affected by delays, transmission errors, data loss, and bandwidth limitations. These impairments all have a detrimental impact on the quality and experience of streaming content.

Test video streaming quality on emulated networks first and utilize network load tests to understand how these impairments affect the performance of the video then make adjustments to provide the best quality of video possible.

Streaming for Video

Apposite’s video performance testing tools can help developers identify and address performance bottlenecks caused by network impairments like bandwidth, latency, and packet loss prior to deployment. Our emulators can mimic cellular, Wi-Fi, and IP networks to assess video quality and performance against the full spectrum of potential impairments. You also can measure video quality with MOS, VMAF, POLQA, and PESQ using our traffic generation solutions. Generate video streaming traffic at a high scale to determine whether your network and devices can handle the load. Use both network emulation and traffic generation for complete video streaming performance testing.

Network Emulator

Mimic cellular, Wi-Fi, and IP networks, and simulate any combination of network impairments. Conduct network bandwidth tests to make sure your applications are fully optimized to handle any drop in service.

WAN Simulator from Apposite

Understand how changing network conditions will affect the end user’s streaming experience. Apposite’s network emulator measures the effect of real world impairments on video streaming prior to deployment.

Network Bandwidth Test

After testing network bandwidth and video streaming, it’s easy to make adjustments to keep videos and VoIP running smoothly no matter what the network conditions.

Test Video Streaming and VoIP Network Usage

Optimize Network Usage With VoIP

VoIP can be used to reduce network infrastructure costs because it allows enterprises to operate voice and data on a single network. However, voice traffic is sensitive to latency and can increase bandwidth requirements. While compression can be used to reduce usage, it can also negatively impact voice quality.

Network emulators allow you to performance test your VoIP against a variety of network conditions to validate voice quality on enterprise or private networks.

Video Performance and VoIP Quality Testing You Can Trust

Before you’re ready to switch your VoIP service or video streaming software, you need assurance that it will work in real-world conditions. Video performance and VoIP quality testing in a typical office setting can’t provide that level of confidence. But network emulators create a controlled environment that can deliver the real-world results you need from your VoIP quality and video streaming testing.

Network emulation allows you to test your application against real-world network impairments like latency, loss and bandwidth constraints. A video streaming test on an emulated network enables developers to understand how these impairments affect the quality of the video stream. You can quickly troubleshoot and optimize video streaming to ensure top performance. You also can use our traffic generation solutions to emulate video and voip traffic at scale to measure video quality with standards, like POLQA and PESQ.

video streaming

What Is the Difference Between PESQ and POLQA?

PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) is an internationally recognized standard that provides an objective measurement of subjective listening tests. PESQ accounts for parameters like variable delays, noise on the line and clipping of audio.

POLQA (Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis) is the next-generation global standard for testing. It delivers an advanced level of benchmarking accuracy and covers the latest speech coding and network transport technology.

VoIP Quality and Streaming Video Tests That Deliver Results

You can rely on our network emulators and traffic generators to deliver the real-world scenarios you need to run thorough VoIP quality and streaming video tests. We offer reliable, flexible application and device testing solutions with modern, intuitive user interfaces that are easy to use and require no special training to set up. Your VoIP and streaming quality tests deserve no less.

You can observe, test and validate performance and end-user experience in real-time. Our VoIP quality and video streaming testing tools deliver the reliability and dependability your applications demand. They provide a fast path to proof of concept for video and VoIP on real-world networks with real traffic scenarios, so your applications perform as expected when rolled out to users. Our solutions work in conjunction with your voice quality testing (VQT) software to provide seamless testing.

Depend on Apposite Technologies for the Video Streaming and VoIP Quality Testing Tools You Need

We have years of experience helping customers deliver repeatable, cost-effective VoIP and video performance testing. You can rely on our network emulators and traffic generators to provide the real-world scenarios you need for your VoIP quality and video streaming testing. Contact us today to take advantage of our performance testing expertise.