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Spirent’s TestCenter traffic generator is outdated, clunky, and expensive. Apposite’s Netropy traffic generator is easier to use, better integrated, and more cost effective.

Experience the difference thousands of former Spirent customers are celebrating. Choose Netropy for a more modern and affordable network testing solution.

Your Organization Needs a Traffic Generation Solution

Most modern organizations rely heavily on network technology — for internal office operations, remote or distributed teams, or delivering content to a massive customer base. While you may be able to guess how data travels on your network, conditions are constantly changing. Is your network or application prepared to handle huge fluctuations in traffic?

A traffic generation solution (like Apposite’s Netropy) enables enterprises to proactively manage network traffic variation. It works by injecting traffic, packets, or data flows into a network to test the performance and capacity of devices, protocols, applications, security measures, and more. As Netropy sends test packets containing unique identifiers (so they can be tracked throughout the network), you can see how your network or device performs under stress before deployment.

But not every traffic generator is worth using. Free tools are often unreliable, and don’t offer much in the way of support — especially for unique configurations. Legacy corporations like Spirent have been around for years, but their solutions can’t keep up with the pace modern companies need to thrive.

To remain competitive, you need a traffic generator that’s technically sophisticated and flexible, yet easy-to-use. That’s where Apposite’s Netropy Traffic Generator outperforms Spirent’s solutions — and why so many of our customers refuse to go back to Spirent.

How Do Spirent’s and Apposite’s Traffic Generators Compare?

Compare what you’ll get when you choose Netropy for traffic generation over Spirent’s products:

Netropy Traffic Generator
Spirent Traffic Generator
Purpose-Built – Traffic generation and network emulation are our primary focus at Apposite technologies. As such, we excel at both.
One of Many Products – Spirent’s TestCenter traffic generator is one of the company’s many loosely related networking products. As such, it isn’t their primary focus for updates or improvements.
A Modern Interface – Apposite’s intuitive, browser-based solution is easy to understand and configure, even if you’re not a test engineer.
Outdated Interface – Spirent’s tools are burdened by a cumbersome, legacy UI that’s hard to use and configure. Often, it’s so complex that only Spirent-trained tech staff can create and deploy tests.
Easy-to-Use – Apposite’s point-and-click wizard enables employees to quickly create test cases. No cumbersome training needed.
Needlessly Complex – Spirent’s legacy solution is time-consuming for network engineers. Configuration of new tests may take days or even longer. Every test must be built from scratch, with limited reuse.
Rapid Deployment – Set up and run tests with Netropy within minutes. Store and rerun tests as needed to save even more time in the future.
Disconnected Modules – Spirent’s tools aren’t designed to work well together. With most Spirent products sold separately, you may need to buy several to achieve a simple goal.
A Complete Package – Netropy from Apposite Technologies provides integrated layer 2 to 7 testing on a single platform.
Expensive – In addition to being more expensive than Apposite’s tools, Spirent’s a la carte pricing adds up when including new tools.
Automated Features – Apposite’s Attack Library includes 10K+ cyberthreats and thousands of pre-built application flows.
Limited Support – As a Spirent customer, you get a shared customer support team with limited knowledge. Often it takes a long time to receive a response — and even then, agents typically read the “answer” from a help desk article.
Lower Cost Than Spirent – Affordable for any project, small to large. Apposite offers a bundled solution, with no extra or hidden charges for necessary features.
Complete Support – With Apposite, you get a dedicated customer service team to help you make the best use of Netropy.

The Apposite Advantage

At Apposite, our team has decades of experience in network technology. Over those years, we’ve encountered many traffic generation and network emulation solutions from competitors that are needlessly complicated.

We’ve designed our modern, digital suite of network test solutions to simplify network, application, and security performance testing. Our extensive library of application flows helps you streamline test configuration, simulate attacks, and more.

With Netropy, you can generate complex traffic streams in just five simple steps. Using a wizard setup, the platform allows even untrained, non-technically-minded users to generate tests in minutes. This approach is more efficient and more effective than legacy systems, which often require specially trained technicians to generate tests from scratch.

Apposite’s solutions are built from the ground up to support Layer 2 to 7 performance testing. Our fully integrated Netropy Traffic Generation platform supports a common user interface, so users don’t need to switch from one platform to another to use a new tool.

Netropy also features:

  •  Support for up to 1 million emulated clients with individual IP or MAC addresses.

  • The ability to capture and replay production network traffic as needed.

  • Detailed logs and custom reports for offline analysis.

  • The ability to emulate both clients and servers.

  • Scalability, so you can gracefully migrate from small to large deployments.

With Netropy, you gain an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution that helps you thoroughly test your network and applications before deployment.

“Apposite seeks to redefine the traffic generator with its Netropy series. Netropy delivers a wide range of L2-L3 and L4-L7 functions all using a browser-based GUI and at a price point attractive even to smaller companies … Tolly engineers were able to configure both lower-level and upper-level protocol tests without any product training…”
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The Tolly Group

Want a Better Traffic Generator?

Download our data sheet and learn how Apposite’s Netropy traffic generator can help your organization benchmark, troubleshoot, and optimize network and application performance.

Netropy Traffic Generation Diagram

Now Is the Time To Leave Spirent Behind

When your company purchases a product, you expect the supplier will offer support throughout its lifecycle. But how well can Spirent continue to support your network testing efforts?

In early March of 2024, Viavi Solutions announced intentions to purchase Spirent Technologies. Later in the same month, Keysight Technologies threatened to outbid Viavi to purchase Spirent. It is unclear how the acquisition will evolve, but with another company taking over operations, it doesn’t bode well for Spirent’s continued support of its traffic generation products.

But even if the acquisition changes nothing with Spirent’s operations, technical support quality is already a big complaint among Spirent users. This is partly due to the patchwork nature of their business model. Traffic generators are just one of the many disparate products the company offers. Likewise, their research and development is a low priority. Instead, Spirent typically “adds new features” by acquiring new network technology start-ups and rebranding them as their own.

Since their staff handles such a wide range of networking solutions, they typically have only surface knowledge about traffic generation systems. In turn, they may struggle to provide the insight customers need when they reach out for help.

Modernize Your Operations With Apposite’s Netropy Traffic Generator

Modern. Digital. Frictionless. Apposite brings it all to your network testing workflows.

Apposite has been in business since 2005, but our team members have worked in network technology for decades. With these combined years of industry experience, our team members offer intelligent technical support for any networking problem you face.

Traffic generation and network emulation are the core of our business. We invest heavily in research and development for our solutions to build cutting edge capabilities and new tools that make network testing more efficient and practical — at a lower cost than our competitors. In addition, our products are designed to work together, so you can build your test equipment tech stack without worrying about compatibility.

If you want solutions from a supplier committed to the needs of today’s network engineers, then Netropy is the clear choice.

SOLUTION: Netropy Traffic Generator

Netropy is a modern traffic generation solution that simplifies test case building. In addition, the solution is so easy to use that non-technical employees can create test cases in minutes.

  • Generate test scenarios quickly and easily

  • Enjoy unmatched ease of use

  • Configure performance tests in five steps with wizard-driven UI

  • Speed up the testing process with repeatable results

  • Deploy with flexibility

  • Leverage software on virtual machines

  • Test at speeds up to 100 Gbps

  • Work with up to 8 ports

Your tech staff has more requests than time. Grappling with Spirent’s outdated, convoluted solution drains productivity. Such problems will only increase as the vendor merges its traffic generator into a new company line, if the sale goes through. Why put up with so many hassles? Now is the time to make a change.


Network Traffic Generator Applications

Benchmark the raw packet level performance of networks and devices with classical performance measurements

Capture, reproduce, and amplify production traffic in a controlled lab environment

Optimize the performance and functionality of application-aware devices and systems

Measure the performance and capacity of carrier-grade DNS servers against a high scale of DNS queries
Measure the performance and capacity of carrier-grade DNS servers against a high scale of DNS queries

Evaluate the session holding capabilities of stateful network devices and servers

Download the Data Sheet or Book a Demo

More than 3,000 of the world’s leading enterprises, service providers, technology vendors, and government agencies rely on Netropy to benchmark, troubleshoot, and optimize their mission-critical networks and applications.

Download the Data Sheet for Netropy Traffic Generator to learn more about our modern traffic generation solution.

Want to see Apposite’s technology in action? Request a demo to see how Netropy can help your team today.