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The Easy Choice

If you haven’t come across Cleversafe already, their dispersed object storage technology runs the world’s largest data repositories. Their systems provide redundancy by simultaneously storing objects on multiple storage nodes across physically dispersed locations.
Obviously, WAN conditions such as bandwidth constraints, latency, and packet loss greatly affect the ability to do simultaneous storage across multiple locations, so they needed a way to validate their algorithms. They clearly needed a WAN emulator. And to ensure reliability, they needed to run long term tests. What they found, however, is that even very expensive WAN emulators did not provide the stability that they needed. And then they found Apposite.
Our products are not only more intuitive to use at a lower cost than the competition, they’re also better. They have better reliability, better precision, higher throughput rates, and higher packet rates than other enterprise-class network emulators, including ones costing up to four times as much as ours.
According to Niall McShane, Director of System Integration at Cleversafe, “The most important factor for us was stability so that we could run continuous, long-term tests, and the reliability of the Netropy emulator made that possible. Combined with more flexibility to vary network conditions than other emulators and at a far better price point, Netropy was an easy choice for us.”
We want to make sure it’s just as easy a choice for you, too.

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